my affliction

it's not a sickness or grief, thank heavens, but rather this – expensive taste.
very expensive. ann getty expensive. the kind that loves ormolu-mounted
porcelain vases, japanned and carved giltwood bureau cabinets, and walls
covered in antique chinese textiles. a bit of a challenge for someone
whose income doesn't come remotely close to satisfying this condition.

just the other day i went to house of fabrics to look for some frames for some
antique botanicals i want to put up in the room makeover and every frame i
picked out was a larson juhl.

and again this morning, i received an email from j.crew about their 20% off
outerwear sale. having worn the same coat for the past 2...or is it 3 winters now,
i don't think i can bear to wear it again this year. besides, it's missing some buttons
and isn't even warm enough for this climate.

anyway, i followed the link, and quickly scanned what they have to offer.
every coat that caught my eye–like this cashmere twill–cost around a grand.
why couldn't i go for something in the under 200 category?

to be honest, even if i had the means to live in a house like the one above
or buy any one of these coats, i know it wouldn't make me any happier
than i already am. and i'm pretty sure i'd be nervous about spilling or
pulling a thread, since i tend to run into things like rose bushes.

how about you? what's your affliction?

image credit: photo by lisa romerein for 1stdibs


oldflowers4me said...

SquEAL...the fabric on the first chair is divine....

Phyllis said...

I share your expensive taste, but you are right. These accoutrements do not guarantee happiness. On the contrary, they bring much to manage I think. My affliction is this: too many ideas always racing around in my brain and not enough time to accomplish them.

Love that room you shared!!

lush bella said...

hello jo! sorry i missed your birthday day! sounds like you had a wonderful time.

lush bella said...

hello phyllis. you're so right about how belongings bring with them time to manage and look after. this is the very reason why i decided to have that yard sale and am using ebay and craigslist to sell and give away the stuff we no longer use. thanks for your comment!

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

oh my gosh,these wonderful antique textiles..aiai.I'm getting greedy when I see this picture.Ok, I have to dream about this income can't handle this !

lush bella said...

neither can mine! if you want more to dream about, you must link over here to see more!

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