good things come to those who wait

we've had this gilded frame
leaning up against a wall
in our studio for a couple
years now. i've been saving it
for something magnificent.
i finally found it rummaging
through g.'s paintings he keeps
stacked on a shelf. and in this
room she now gazes out at us
preserved behind glass.
i love her.


Indie.Tea said...

I love that deep thick and rich that it almost looks like velvet. And the wall scone is wonderful too.

Phyllis said...

What an amazing combination, the frame, fabulous painting, and that rich, sensual blue. Well, it is literally breath taking. I love your quote on the side bar by Mark Twain. Perhaps it is never too late even at my advanced age. Again, you are such an inspiration.

lush bella said...

hello joyti! we love how it turned out. out of the can, it looked more black, but once we finished with the second coat, we saw the deep blue come on.

lush bella said...

hello phyllis! i'm so glad you like the room and the quote by mark twain has always inspired me and brings to mind something i read the other day that i want to share with you. it's an exercise called give me time.

a) jot down the age to which you expect to live.
b) write down your present age.
c) subtract the answer on line b from your answer on line a.
d) now write your present age again.
e) subtract the answer on line c from the answer on line d.

the answer on line c shows you how many years you have ahead of you. the answer on line e is the age you were in the past.

you see...we have more time than we think. :)

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