art wall + stairway = accident waiting to happen

feeling inspired after seeing what
jen did with her new brooklyn
apartment in just 4 weeks, and hating
myself even more for having
empty frames on this wall for almost
a year, i finally filled them with still
lifes, photograms, a sun print, a marbled
endpaper from an old book, and my absolute
favorite...a drawing g. did.

here's a peek of it through the banister.
it's the one of a lady with a tattooed neck
right above the moth.

it lay sequestered away in one of his
sketchbooks until i did a barbaric thing
and released it with an exacto blade.

already, i've nearly toppled a few frames on my way
down the stairs when i should be looking at my feet
and not the art. i'm a bit on the clumsy side, so this
just further complicates things.

in our last apartment, i fell down a flight of stairs
while painting the walls. naturally, i took the gallon
can of chalky white paint with me, which meant the
dingy brown stairs went next on the list of things to touch up.
it ended up being a huge improvement and so it was meant to be.


Phyllis said...

Your philosophy and look are the things that warm my heart. Such beauty, inside and out.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...


lush bella said...

hello to you both! your comments mean so much to me!

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