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i know i mentioned before that i tend to have several projects going at once. for whatever reason, this tendency is very pronounced around this time of year, despite sweltering temperatures, which i could do without. 

in addition to the room makeover, which is slowly progressing, i'm painting our staircase. i was going to paint it all one color, until i saw this indigo stripe on amanda harlech's staircase.

 i haven't even finished priming the whole thing, and am dreading the 2 top coats and suggested polyurethane varnish, which i may have to dismiss. so if i were to add a faux runner, the above application, which looks as though it was made with a paint roller, seems more doable, as opposed to the tedious chore of marking and taping. 

let's leave the paint to dry & look at some indigo.

still life images from the incredibly talented kate mathis.

not to change the subject again, but every time i go down into our crummy basement looking for something, i end up rummaging through boxes, finding things i forgot we this old vogue living issue from march/april 2004. just look at these gorgeous images photographed by ditte isager and styled by christine rudolph

the 1920s settee is embellished with royal copenhagen's 'blue fluted'-inspired white stitch pattern. on the wall you can see the royal copenhagen trademark and drawings of the 'blue fluted' pattern, courtesy of royal copenhagen. blue fluted mega and plain are by far my favorite patterns.

a 'blue fluted' teacup rests on the floor next to a 19th c. french chair. love the french chandelier too. if you're lusting after the plates on the wall (like i am) there's a seller on ebay, whose prices range from $85 for a salad plate to $102 for a dinner plate. 

before i go back to painting, there is a book you must get if you're thinking about dyeing fiber or fabric with indigo. trudy van stralen has recipes for creating blues ranging from pale baby blue to deep blackish blue. you'll need materials like saxon blue, a tin premordant, and lichen, which are things not everyone has lying about, but the colors one can achieve are worth it and absolutely exquisite.

image credits not mentioned: top image ~ vogue living: houses, gardens, people


**EYE-SNACKS** said...

ooh, this is really lovely ! Those intense colors and indeed the staircase.I love it!

I have a little surprise for you and I hope you'll like it. Look at my blog.

lush bella said...

oh how fun. i'm headed there now!

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