make a wish

i tend to put off opening the mail...and emptying the dishwasher, but last night, i received a padded envelope that didn't look like a bill or credit card offer. this was inside. 

the candle has a generously long wick that forms a necklace, and the pinhole cupcake reminded me of the covetable work of this lovely girl.

here is what i wish for...

clockwise  from top

i've had my eye on this book for a long time.
an icy green votive scented with neroli - a fragrance that holds many memories for me.
a crewel rug.
 espadrilles dressed in suede, silky ribbon, and raffia. i might just wear them to bed.

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oldflowers4me said... long have you had a blog world.....

lush bella said...

hello you! so wonderful to see you here! it hasn't been long. my first post was in february. i'll hope you'll visit often. xoxo

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