room makeover - part II

here goes part II of our room makeover. the room  is presently g.'s studio, but is small, which is why he's moving next door to my old studio, whose contents are now scattered here and there throughout the house. my soon-to-be-realized-too-lofty ambition is to make it into a library/den/room to retire to for after-dinner drinks.

here is the room as it looks now.

i haven't even begun and am already a little overwhelmed, but once we clear everything out, i'll start on the walls and molding. though it's a small room, i loathe painting, so midway through i'll begin making the shades. this is my usual approach to projects like this. i'll start one thing, then another...and another. i realize this isn't exactly efficient, but eventually it gets done. 

i found instructions for the shades here, but after reading the how-to, i already have questions. if anyone has made shades like this, please feel free to share your tips in the comments.

i hope you'll come along with me as i suffer through convert this room from bland to beautiful.

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