sweet dreams

i thought i'd do a post on bedrooms, since i'm on the lookout for a new bed cover. as i searched my hard drive for inspiration, i found i'm drawn to several recurring themes, and have remained pretty consistent in my taste for things. hmmm. imagine that.

for starters, i'm a sucker for traditional damask and organic prints paired with linear, graphic stripes like this bedroom styled by lucyina moodie…

and this room designed by nathan turner. i love everything about these 2 rooms and would love to get my hands on this quilt.

red lampshades are another element i'm drawn to judging by these images i've gathered over time. though a bold color, red shades cast a romantic and flattering light. according to joe nye's "five things you can do in a day" in the latest issue of house beautiful, one tip he shares is to buy an inexpensive paper shade and paint it red. though i'm fairly sure it will take more than a day for me to accomplish this, i'll be adding this to my to do list.

what could've been just another white room is altogether original thanks to these beautiful ornate antique beds.

sheets of paper with small repeating patterns on the walls add a layer of visual interest. the black lace panel with pink ribbon tieback further adds allure to this ultra feminine room.

recurring element no. 3 – red bed covers. speaking of which, the bedroom on the far left is joe nye's. what a coincidence. bedding is from williams-sonoma home and the throw is from harnaz cashmere collection.

this last image is of a bedroom we spent a weekend in while in olema, ca years ago. at the time, we were under seige by lady beetles...they were all over the windows and walls, but thankfully we both aren't bothered by bugs. the floors were heated and the bathroom was equally gorgeous.

so now that i'm inspired, the quest begins anew. until then, sweet dreams to you.

image credits: 1) lucyina moonie ; 2) coco+kelley; 3) polly wreford at sarah kaye; 4) nathan turner designed bedroom for amanda peet; 5) bedroom of paul & sara ruffin costello via style court; 6) decorology; 7) ivanka trump's park avenue apartment bedroom designed by emma jane pilkington (a favorite of mine) seen on style court; 8) joe nye's beverly hills bedroom via house beautiful; 9) david netto; 10) bedroom photographed by douglas friedman; 11) olema druids hall 

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