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this post started out with a search for all things pink, since lately i can't seem to get the words to "think pink" from funny face out of my head...

"banish the black
burn the blue
bury the beige
from now on...think pink!"

though not as pink as i originally imagined, i love how the above images look together. if our bedroom looked like this, i fear i'd never get out of bed, and i like how the trompe l'oeil lace wallpaper complements the lace on the mantel in the last image – one of my flickr faves.

curious if the manufacturer – zuber et cie – of the wallpaper was still around, i searched and found them. in france since 1797, they are the last factory in the world to produce woodblock printed wallpapers and furnishing fabrics. on the one hand, i was happy to see they're still creating these beautiful papers, but to learn they're also the last is disheartening.
happy memorial day weekend.

image credits: bedroom of lisa fine via lonny; a design for "lace" wallpaper dating from 1831 via french style and decoration; two pink candles via limonada on flickr

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