happy world oceans day

it makes my heart ache to see all the recent images of the oil spill, but rather than ignore it, i must remain informed and do something about it, even though some say there is little i can do. and though i am only one, i mustn't let this turn into apathy or non-action either. i don't live near the region, where i would volunteer to help, but i can support organizations, whose mission it is to protect the oceans. 

so today in honor of world oceans day…

i sent messages to lawmakers and companies;
made a donation;
made a pledge to reduce my plastic consumption;
learned about 10 things i can do to save the oceans;
became a wavemaker.

it sickens me to think that things may never be the same, but taking these small steps has brought me a calm respite.

gerhard richter
seascape (contre-jour)
oil on canvas
image courtesy of gerhard richter

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