my picks for canopy beds

my recent post and this hauntingly beautiful surreal image of a canopy by robert stivers got me thinking again about how i've always wanted a canopy or four-poster in our bedroom. 
sadly, the ceilings have never been tall enough to allow for one, but i can always dream. 

here are some favorites.

anthropologie's much-loved italian campaign canopy

the niermann weeks loire bed seen here in elizabeth mayhew's bedroom and in her book - flip for decorating.

here it is again...this time draped. to see more of this home, visit here.

alder-wood bed recently seen at OKL's martyn lawrence bullard sale.

the always great willa bed by oly in this tom scheerer designed bedroom via house beautiful dec/jan 2010. 


**EYE-SNACKS** said...

o wow, this is so romantic. I would love to have that in my garden.Hmm, i don't think it wil fit ;-)

lush bella said...

me too! after posting this, i found a link on how to make your own. it looks fairly easy if you have the space outdoors.,,20387891,00.html

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