my picks for trays

i have a thing for trays, and not because i like things looking tidy. well now that i think about it, that's precisely the reason why…not that things are even remotely tidy around here. however, i also think trays are like a platform begging for you to display your decorative objects, even if this be keys and bills. here are some favorites.

rablab's crystal & 24k gold and sterling silver trays

this lacquer and mirrored tray

oly's mia tray

the corset tray that i've mentioned before

trays made using real sheets of handspun linen coated in hard resin

sienna tray at bungalow 5

 19th Century Asian Wooden Trays at antony todd on 1stdibs

something to remind me of chicago

 and since  i can't seem to get enough of decoupage, i'm head over heels with all the trays found here.

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