artifact {philip treacy's cork hat}

this series, which i'll call artifact, will allow me to create an imaginary room (or part of a room when i'm feeling less ambitious) inspired by an object, a passage in literature, a film, a song or a work of art.

i already know that some rooms are bound to be complete fantasy, and that the things i choose will likely cost more than i'm bound to make in a lifetime, but that's not the point of this self-indulgent series. i'm a fantasist, so i won't worry about how to fill a room whose plan i have't seen, and whose measurements i do not know.

this first room will be created around philip treacy's "chinese garden" cork hat for alexander mcqueen's spring/summer 2005 collection.

i had many to choose from, but elected this one due to the news of mcqueen's death. i noticed the met hadn't yet updated their site, as it still reads: Alexander McQueen (British, b. 1969). so young…and i think it's absolutely tragic that he felt emotions so powerful as to take his own life–one that achieved such greatness. 

this exquisite hat was designed by philip treacy. the inspiration for it came from a trip he took to kyoto. the intricately cut-worked cork pagoda, birds and trees were purchased in asia and assembled into the fantasy you see here. to me, it's sculpture…a work of art.

instead of displaying it on a mannequin head, i'd find a glass case or museum dome, then display it on this paul mccobb two door credenza with 18 karat gold plated hardware.

add one or more of trinka 5 designs' sea life sculptures from horchow…and a vicente wolf  indian marble vase with a single purple orchid stem…

perched atop this mirrored gold tray from plantation.

now onto lighting. there's this quartz lamp from john rosselli

or this black lacquer and brass lamp with pagoda shade with piping in the style of jansen…

OR this pair of asian lacquered resin lamps, also in the style of jansen (can't get enough!)…

though we already have enough cork in the room, i spotted this pair of cream pagoda shaped ceramic lamps with cork shades.

i think an intervention is in order now.

but wait! overhead is a dorothy draper chandelier.

moving on. i'd get these out on approval…

and this french style bench.

i feel like we need a shot of color. the form of this bamboo red lacquer box resembles that of a hatbox. an allusion to the source of inspiration for this room.

it is now quite apparent this room will need some more tables to have a place to put all these objects…and a drink or two, but before we do this, i couldn't resist showing you this indian wire bowl

and this exquisite eduardo garza creation.

now for a place to put all these accessories. this five tier obelisk etagere may be just what this room needs. the milk glass shelves pick up the color of the credenza and the pearly velvet x bench.


and we'll need one of these.

left: dessinfournir side table; right: john rosselli martini table 

so at this point, it may seem like the wheels have come off, but rather than have everything be one style, i.e. eastern (taking a cue from the hat) adding a little english, french and contemporary keeps it fresh and interesting, don't you think?

on that note, i think this calls for a part 2, because we still have flooring, wall treatments,  and windows
to look at. we may also need some more tables.

stay tuned and thank you for visiting!

{image credits – 1: smithsonian institution on flickr; 2: the metropolitan museum of art; 3: blog.mode: addressing fashion}

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