a seedling forest

we planted the seeds for this year's flower garden last week. the first thing i do now when i get up in the morning is to check in on them. the zinnias, morning glory and cosmos have already germinated, and some have their second pair of leaves. this time, we're using a heating mat, which has made all the difference. there are some rudbeckia that, according to the package, may take 1 to 3 months to germinate, but i think i see tiny leaves already.

thanks for stopping by!


mendofleur.com said...

Such a reason to share our hopes with the world. Now I want to plant some of these too.

I have looked at your website and now your blog. You have such a fine sensitivity to beauty, grace, and refinement. I want to bookmark this and return again. My day feels a little more nurtured already. Thank you for sharing your lovely world and philosophy.

lush bella said...

this note from you has cheered my day. please do come back to visit me again. i'd love that, and i'm sure by then, our little seedling forest will be a forest in the truest sense!

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