i'm still here

ingrid wrote to me the day before yesterday.
made me realize that i haven't posted here
in awhile.

part of the reason has to do with the time of
year. and the other has to do with some work
i'm developing.

anyway, her message sparked a light in me, so
i want to share some polaroids i took
of my sisters and the lake when i was just 13
years old. i found them this morning as i was
looking through some old photo albums.


this is part of a whole series i did of a
balloon race i have no recollection of.
i wrote in marker that this one took
first place. last place landed in the lake
in front of our cabin.

i used to sail. whenever i wasn't racing,
i'd watch the races from shore.

my little sister...one of five. i absolutely love this image
of her. she was always picking up cats - both 
ours, the neighbors' cats, and strays like this one,
who thought he might get some food. this was taken 
at a place called horshoe bend park where we used 
to go for picnics; one of my favorite places
in the whole world.

here she is again at the zoo. 
such a beautiful girl.
they all were..are.

this last one made my heart stop,
for written on the back was –
"the first picture i ever took"


Phyllis said...

Oh how sweet. What a beautiful sibling you had, just like you! I have missed your special posts. A blog can be so time consuming. Hope you are able to give your project as much time as you need. Your sister that was always picking up cats was definitely who I was as well.

lush bella said...

hello phyllis! so nice to hear from you! your comments always mean so much to me. i'll try and post more often, but you're right...blogging takes so much time. i was reading in the new york times today that blogs are starting to wane as people, most notably the young, are posting on sites like FB and twitter. i have a twitter account, but as yet haven't quite figured it out, and i must be the only person who isn't on facebook. so good to hear from you!

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