room makeover - part III

it's been awhile since i posted about the room makeover, and though we're mid-project,
i thought i'd show you where we are at the moment.

below is a shot of the room as it looked once we moved everything next door. in the corner
is some crown molding we decided to add. g. did an amazing job, especially since he's
never done this before. naturally, the walls aren't true and the miter saw we have is
dull and rusty, so we used molding blocks at the corners to connect the molding.

here is the room mid-makeover with some furniture. for the wall color, we chose a match to
farrow and ball's off-black. it looks black but is in fact a deep, dark prussian blue.
for someone who normally chooses shades of white, gray, and blue when making over rooms,
i didn't know what we were missing! if you're brave enough, you may want to give it a go.

there's still more to be done, like replacing the wood blinds with fabric shades, but next
i'll tackle the walls and hang some art. a couple months ago, i found some antique e.j. lowe
fern prints, which i  recently spotted at okl's barbara barry tastemaker sale. the few they had
sold out within the first hour. i nearly fell off my chair when i saw the tag sale price. $649!
the regular price was $1800! though i still need to frame ours, the prints i found locally cost $12.
even if i were to choose a larson-juhl frame & filet, with museum glass and fabric mat,
each framed print will cost around $100. i haven't made up my mind yet, but ours won't
come close – then again, i'm not barbara barry.


**EYE-SNACKS** said...

wow,that's different! I like it! I'ts very nice with the furniture you put in.Elegant and classic.

lush bella said...

thanks ingrid. it really is a big change from what it was before.

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