the seedlings we planted a little over a month ago are really coming along now. the morning glory's and crimson glory vines are getting so tall, twining together and reaching for the window, seeming to beg me to take them outside and into the ground. others aren't doing so well. i don't know if it's a lack of light, the quality of the seed, or over- or under-watering. 

i keep reminding myself that not all can be as strong and resilient as the morning glory. some  rogues from last year have already made an appearance in the side yard. i can see the house being overtaken this year by these rambling beauties, but won't it be lovely.

we've had so much rain…or rather torrential downpours that i'm glad we didn't put them out this past weekend. they would've surely drowned. and tonight the weather may get down to the mid-30s, so for now at least, these little flowers-to-be are better off inside.

stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

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