camel-back loveseat makeover COMPLETE!

the pages of my "to do" list are now ½ a page shorter. i found this camel-back loveseat on craigslist after an
exhaustive search for something within our price range that would fit up a narrow stairway.

once we removed the legs, we hauled her upstairs to the front sitting room where i refinished her.

my inspiration for this project was a sofa covered in bennison linen via cote de texas...

and this image taken by melanie acevedo.

the printed linen fabric came from joann's and online fabric store. i took a chance on the possibility of getting two different dye lots
by splitting up the yardage because the price couldn't be beat, however i don't recommend doing this. thank god, they matched.

 i used 3 books to help get me through this (see below) and got a little help from shelly at ModHomeEc.

next time...should i ever do this again...i'll get a proper stapler to replace this one, and instead of working directly on top of a wool rug,
i'll put down a drop cloth, so i don't spend hours picking up staples!

there were times when i thought i was in way over my head and i contemplated sending it out to a professional. btw, if you're reading this
and do this for a living, i have great respect for what you do!

i cried...yes i did, and i have a few war wounds from the ply grip (this guy makes it look so easy.)

my first upholstery project ever, but totally worth it.

loveseat $30
delivery $20
fabric $50
books $38
paint for the legs $8
ply grip $3
cord for welt $2
cambric for the bottom dust cover $2
total: $153

these are the books i used. not one had all the info i needed, but reading all 3 complemented one another and cleared up a lot of confusion for me. in hindsight though, i wish i had checked the library for these, because i highly doubt i'll ever read these again!

reupholstering at home
professional upholstering
singer upholstery basics

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