inspired by – art project

every so often, i check
in here for some inspiration.
i hope your week is off to a 
great start.

clockwise from top left: the golden age by benjamin west; portrait of heinrike dannecker by gottlieb schick; marchesa geronima spinola by anton van dyck; oortrait of a married couple in the park by coques (attributed); proserpine by dante gabriel rossetti; portrait of a lady, called elizabeth, lady tanfield, british school 17th century


Felicity said...

Thank you SO much for this link, I've just brewed some great coffee and am going to spend some time enjoying at least one gallery.

x Felicity

lush bella said...

a cup of coffee sounds wonderful right about now. i hope you enjoy the galleries as i much as i do felicity. thanks for visiting!

Ellen Horan said...

I just discovered your blog, and I love it, I started out at the diaphanous fabrics, from randomly web browsing, and really happy I landed on such a dreamy blog.

lush bella said...

so happy you landed here too ellen! it's comments like yours that make me keep doing this.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

You are a romantic heart :)

oldflowers4me said...

hello my darling friend.....ive missed you- xxxx jo anderson..

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