the souls of old things

this past weekend, i found a box of dolls
i've had since i was a little girl.
i had many more...
but now have only three.
when i went off to college,
my younger sister took over my bedroom,
and my collection of dolls.
she wrote her name on each one with marker.
even today, when i look at these dolls, i think of this
and wonder why she did it.


laurie of liquid paper said...

Poor dolls. My sister used to cut their hair off. Needless to say, I was a protective mother to them.

lush bella said...

she did that too. even though these dolls have been living in a box all this time, at least they have all their hair and are "tattoo-free".

Indie.Tea said...

My sister didn't do that, she just chopped off the hair of my dolls. I guess little sisters want to 'claim' their older sister's toys?
The photograph is lovely...

lush bella said...

i think you're right joyti...and 'claim' she did. thanks for visiting me here. :)

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Oh, these poor dolls.I admit I have to's strange to write the name on a doll.

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