classical art and modern dress

"it is in the variation and manipulation of a reduced number of basic iconic styles that later artists and contemporary designers have been able to expand on their increasingly inventive interpretations of grecian dress." – harold koda

this post made me realize why
some of my favorite designers
are madeleine vionnet, madame grès,
& claire mccardell, for what i admire
about their oeuvres is the influence of
the art of ancient greece as interpreted
through manipulated and draped cloth.

{symmetrical pleats}

{liquid folds falling on the bias}

{sleeveless bodices}


 porch of the karyatids, 420 b.c.

one-shoulder dress in black velvet by vionnet photographed by hoyningen-heune

“grecian” evening dress by madame gres

claire mccardell jersey dress

isabel toledo's diamond draped bodice dresses, finished and unfinished, fall 2005

 to learn more ~
the exhibition "goddess" held by the metropolitan museum of art in autumn 2003

image credits: 1, 2, 4) madeleine vionnet by betty kirke; 3) greek museums published by ekdotike athenon s.a.; 5) the curated object; 6) metropolitan museum of art; 7) manila fashion observer

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