dreaming of windows

Seeing windows in your dream means bright hopes, vast possibilities and insight.

henri matisse explored the window theme, often with a still life set before it. looking at these paintings with their light and color and characteristic pattern brings me peace and happiness. better than meditation, which usually puts me to sleep, though i do feel rested afterward.

interior with black notebook. 1918

 still life in the studio, nice. 1923

interior with egyptian curtain. 1948

open window at collioure. 1910

image credits: danske; metropolitan museum of art; history of modern art by h.h. arnason; web museum of fine art


**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Oh this is nice ! I totally forgot..but years ago( on the academy) I build a photoset of a painting of Matisse !
I love his colors,his unreal perspectives.
How nice to see this !

lush bella said...

your photoset must've been wonderful! how fun it would be to recreate a room inspired by one of his paintings. all that color and pattern.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

It was wonderful to work at,yes!

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