move over, dhurries and oushaks

apple matting and wall to wall seagrass – with or without area rugs 
layered on top – are two of my favorite flooring options. and i can't 
forget striped dhurris & oushaks, but my heart stopped 
when i saw these jürgen dahlmanns wool and silk rugs. instant 
favorites were these strong apple green and supercharged magenta 
beauties inspired by the colors worn by those who make them. 

in other colorways ~

what struck a chord with me is the designer's statement that "there is 
already too much useless rubbish in this world, with no love and no 
passion and no sense." cheap toaster ovens and coffee makers made in 
china come to mind. 

be sure and read the "about us" for his personal account of why 
he is pleased that his workshop is located in bhaktapur, and don't 
miss the "about" for each collection.

all images from j. dahlmanns

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