line vautrin – the poetess of metal

not only do i love the work of line vautrin, i also admire her 
unrelenting pursuit of her art. a lack of commercial connections 
and formal training didn't stop her. she took risks, and everything 
she learned was by creating, making mistakes, and discovering new 
materials. as she declared in an interview, she managed the best 
she could. she had no intention of being stopped by how to do something.

imagine if she had.

she gave her bracelets and necklaces names like "if all the guys in the world", 
the "trapeze artists" and "the weakest link."

she also created decorative items for interiors like lamp bases, screens, 
doorknobs, boxes and mirrors.

she had a playful sense of humor as evidenced by the proverbs and lines 
of poems she added to the lids of boxes and cigarette cases. imprinted on 
many of her unique and beautiful boxes are passages of poems and sayings 
like this gilded bronze box inspired by a guillaume apollinaire poem.

these beautiful mirrors show the use of bronze and talosel – a material 
she patented. it is an acronym based on the syllables of 
aceTAte de celluLOSe ELaboré.

sheets of talosel

no matter what was happening around her (and life was difficult), 
her work was what gave her the most joy. 

does the work you do bring you happiness? i hope so.

a photo of line taken in 1995 by jean-grançois gaté

{image credits: 1stdibs, christie's, line vautrin}

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