if only i had $600

when i was a little girl, i had a rather large collection of hats 
that i picked up tagging along with my mom when she went 
antiquing. this collection has now dwindled to three. 

a pink and white alabama crimson roll tide adjustable hat 
my husband gave me. i wore it once and had red marks 
on my forehead for several hours after taking it off. 

a laurel fenenga straw hat i bought when we lived in seattle 
and went to portland for the day. i couldn't afford it, but that 
didn't stop me from putting it on a credit card. 

the last is a leopard-skin pill-box hat that i bought before 
i knew any better, and that i've never worn out of the house. 
if i were to wear it, it would be at home with the shades 
drawn listening to track 7 off dylan's "blonde on blonde."

i love the laurel fenenga for the straw she used, so when 
i spotted this earlier today, i had trouble breathing. 

it was designed by leslie james.

i love the black velvet ribbon, metal buckle, and white cloth "plume".

if we still lived in san francisco, i'd pop in to see john and try this beauty on. 


laurel said...

I'm Laurel Fenenga, and wanted to thank you for your kind words. I designed with the sole desire that my hats would gave people the very pleasure you describe. How nice to hear that I succeeded, and that the memory has stayed with you!

lush bella said...

laurel, how great to see your comment. and yes, the memory and your beautiful hat is still with me and will be forever.

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